We consider them as the most valuable part of our business, taking care of our vineyards takes the most time during the year and it only has a secret: the special care we put on it..

Our vines can be classified according to grape varieties:


  • Tempranillo or Tinta del País: Considered a main variety in Cigales DO, it occupies 85% of our production. Its main characteristics are excellent quality, very aromatic, colour (being responsible for the purple tones of the wines) and rich extract.
  • Merlot: coming from the Bordeaux region, it is excellent for aging wines. It represents 3% of our vintage (experimental variety)


  • Verdejo: It occupies 5% of our production. It is used with a mixture of other varieties to obtain rosé, adding its aromatic potential and brigthness.
  • Albillo: Used in the elaboration of rosé, as its must is very sweet and aromatic, adding a great fineness to the wines. It represents 5% of our production.