“Bodegas Alfredo Santamaria” is a family winery located in the old town of Cubillas de Santa Marta. With its rustic Castilian style harmonizes and embellishes this small town in the province of Valladolid.

It is composed by the third generation of winemakers. The marketing of our wines professionally speaking begins in 1991 with the goal of producing wines of high quality and short production within the Apellation D.O. Cigales. That´s why we have modern facilities and the most advanced technology available necessary to make possible a vinification according to modern times, but maintaining all the best learned from the traditional methods inherited from our past generations.

Knowing that great wines are grounded from viticulture, we own our own vineyards, which worked throughout the whole year to obtain the best results.

The rest is composed by a setting that evokes peace and calm, providing the necessary peace to our wines for its perfect ellaboration and aging.

Our project has been consolidatedforming a Wine-tourism Complex, addinga rural hotel where everyone who wants can enjoy of our environment, paired with food, spare time and culture, without diminishing the peace and rest.